Project 25 Technology Information Group

Monday, August 19, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group


The Project 25 Technology Interest Group has published a data base list of all known P25 Systems in the USA and territories. The data is presented in two lists; one with 599 entries for Project 25 Phase 1 Systems and a second list of Project 25 Phase2 systems with 110 entries. This is a total of 709 known P25 systems operating in the US.

The P25 System lists are organized State by State. Phase 1 systems have California leading with 43 systems followed by Texas with 34, Florida with 31, and Virginia with 28. Phase 2 systems are led by Texas with 15 followed by Georgia with 10 systems. In addition, the list identifies if the system operates in the VHF, UHF or 700/800 MHz band. Some systems have a mixture of frequencies from more than one band which is possible with the Project 25 Standard.

The list can be downloaded from the Project 25 Technology Interest Group website from the links below:

P25 Phase 1 Systems List

P25 Phase 2 Systems List






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