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Monday, February 18, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group has selected Lexington Kentucky as the new Project 25 System of the Month.


Project 25 Technology Interest Group


P25 System of the Month


Lexington KY




Lexington, Kentucky Turns to P25 for Interoperability

For the first time in Lexington’s history, its public safety personnel—police, fire and corrections—can communicate seamlessly and effectively over the same radio system thanks to Airbus DS Communications’ VESTA™ Radio P25 land mobile radio solution.


The project started in the summer of 2012 and cutover in the spring of 2014, replacing the 40-year-old VHF analog system and bringing much needed interoperability to the city’s public safety departments. Prior to installing its current solution, interoperability was out of the question. In fact, the only means for “interoperability” between departments was to place multiple radios in each police car and firetruck, forcing first responders to communicate through each department’s separate radio system.


Lexington’s new LMR system includes approximately 1,500 radios between Police, Fire, and Corrections users. The radios were tested in open fields, heavily wooded areas, city buildings, country farms, and even in the middle of rivers—all with strong, clear communication. The new network and equipment provide greater coverage and reliability over the legacy analog system, and exceeded coverage requirements of the initial plan.

“Having everyone on the same system and the ability to communicate at the touch of a button is a major leap for public safety,” said Robert Stack, Director of Enhanced 9-1-1 in Lexington. “Importantly, we were able to tailor the system to our needs.”

Collaboration and Open Procurement

With Lexington’s new P25 system, police, fire and corrections personnel—as well as the Blue Grass Airport—can effortlessly communicate across departments to collaborate. Even more, the open standards infrastructure provided Lexington the flexibility of open procurement. Open procurement meant that each agency could select the radio brand and model that worked best for them, instead of being limited to a single vendor. Ultimately through this process, Lexington built a seamless Project 25 system—and at the right price for each agency involved.

Thanks to VESTA Radio, Lexington is now a city unified under P25 LMR.

Link to a copy of the Lexington KY P25 System of the Month PDF file here


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Director Project 25 Technology Interest Group

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