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Monday, December 17, 2018

Project 25 Technology Information Group

Mission Critical Magazine recently published a new article on the P25 ISSI and CSSI

The Importance of P25 Wireline Interfaces ISSI and CSSI

Mike Schools, Catalyst CommunicationsTechnologies’ Vice President of Engineering

Below is an excerpt from the Mission Critical Magazine article:


"Open standards offer benefits that are difficult to overstate: freedom of choice for customers; lower overall cost of development, which is ultimately paid for by customers; vendor confidence that development can be re-used and refined; and freedom for both customers and vendors to focus on real issues including innovations that reduce costs and enhance productivity.  The results of our process check indicate that P25 standards are off to a great start, but require more investment, further refinement and full adoption.  These potential benefits materialize only if the standard is adopted extensively, not only by manufacturers but also by customers and the consultants who advise them. In the consumer world you can see many examples of standards that thrived because customers invested in products that used them. VHS succeeded over Betamax not because it was a superior technology, but because customers bought and invested in it first. Blu-ray won out over HD-DVD for more complex reasons, but ultimately customers only embraced Blu-ray. Cutting-edge technologies in their day, eventually both became reliable and inexpensive. But customer buy-in and acceptance was critical to continued investment and additional refinements by industry. No matter what the technical potential of a solution, adoption and economics drive its development and maturation.  Every technical person in every industry I’ve ever worked in believes at some level that their industry or organization has special requirements that just aren’t like anyone else’s and that they need a custom, special purpose solution. Technology is expensive to build, maintain and support.  Simply put, accommodating proprietary interfaces is more expensive than using one standard interface. Adoption enables our industry to expand its available offerings by leveraging the combined efforts of every vendor in the industry. That would mean that the wireline P25 standards — CSSI, ISSI and the Fixed Station Interface (FSI) — should be the only interfaces used for core P25 wireline communications, regardless of what vendor supplies the individual pieces of the subsystem, though manufacturers could continue to differentiate using proprietary extensions to the standards".



The full article can be found on the Mission Critical Magazine  link below.





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