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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

PTIG panel at the recent APCO Show in Washington DC

Now you can have the Console of Choice for your P25 Radio Systemu

In the past, call center console choices were limited to one or possibly two options. One offered by the radio system manufacturer and the other from an alternative supplier that often did not have control for all of the features and capabilities that the system offered. Today that is no longer the case. The Project 25 Suite of Standards has been updated to include a console interface the CSSI that allows Project 25 LMR trunking systems to interoperate with a variety of consoles from multiple P25 equipment manufacturers. This session offered case studies of Lancaster County PA, The State of Oregon, and a Federal Agency who have successfully integrated consoles and systems from different manufacturers. In many cases the ability to use an existing console saved significant costs in re-training and allowed a fast efficient migration to a new radio system run by software intimately familiar to the dispatchers.

The session covered a case studies on how the P25 Console Interface (CSSI) was used to interface a console and radio system from different manufacturers. The planning, scope, issues, and lessons learned by the radio system manager and dispatch supervisor were presented. The cost efficiencies and other benefits were addressed. Examples of a Federal Agency using the CSSI and ISSI for interoperability was also presented. A basic technical description of the CSSI was presented and offered as a resource document.

The presenters on the panel are listed below:

Randy Richmond, Standards and Regulatory Specialist, (Zetron)

Tim Baldwin, Deputy Director, (Lancaster County)

Larry Hicks, VP Engineering, (Pantel)

Ron Postma, Console Implementation Manager, (Oregon DoT)

Robin Grier, President, (Catalyst)

A Link to the Full PPT for the Console of Choice Session is below

P25 Console of Choice using the P25 CSSI





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