Project 25 Technology Information Group

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group publishes a new White Paper on Automatic Roaming in a P25 Radio System. 


The paper was authored by Andy Davis: Chairman TIA TR-8, Senior Resource Manager - Motorola Solutions and Bill Janky:Director System Design - Harris Corporation.   


The term Automatic Roaming is sometimes misunderstood. There are two methods of roaming that are often discussed in P25 and informally referred to as “automatic” and “manual’. Both roaming methods have unique aspects that mainly affect two areas – user experience, and identity management.

From the perspective of the user, “automatic roaming” refers to the radio’s ability to move from the coverage of one RF site to another without user intervention (or often even user knowledge) and the ability of a radio to move from the operational area of one system to the operational area of another system without changing the operating identities (individual and/or group) of the radio.

The User Experience and Identity Management aspects of roaming are described in detail in the full article that can be accessed via the link below:


Automatic Roaming in a P25 Radio System








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