Project 25 Technology Information Group

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Project 25 Technology Information Group

This Updated FAQ document has 14 new questions and significant changes to P25 testing questions from the recent Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) open meeting. In addition, the document has been reconfigured to categorize the questions by topic making the document easier to use for quick reference.

The first category is now an individual section for a P25 Standards Overview, including a question on how the P25 Standards are created. The second category deals with P25 Compliance testing and has been updated to reflect the latest DHS OIC Web links and document availability. The other categories include information that describes the relationship of P25 to other radio technologies, Interoperability possible through the numerous Project 25 interfaces with real world examples of existing systems, and the Project 25 Security Services available.   

PTIG offers the FAQ tool to Public Safety and government users who need to deliver a simplified, top level, answer to typical P25 questions received from non-technologist personnel including Police Officers, Fire fighters, administrators, procurement contracting officers. Most of the questions have been received by PTIG at various P25 conference panels and trade shows that the group participates in.

The Project 25 Suite of Standards will continue to evolve to meet the needs of users and to incorporate changing technology and regulatory mandates.  Similarly, this document will also evolve over time.  Subsequent versions will add new questions and clarify answers reflecting the latest updates to the P25 Standard.

Copies of the new Project 25 Frequently Asked Questions v1.2 document can be found and downloaded from the link below

P25 FAQs September 2016 v1.3





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