Project 25 Technology Information Group

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Project 25 Technology Information Group

The Project 25 Technology Interest has published two PPT presentations from PTIG's panels at IWCE 2017.  

Links to the documents are below:


P25 Foundations Presentation IWCE 2017

P25 User Experience Presentation IWCE 2017


A summary of the panel information and speaker list with topics is below.

P25 Foundations Panel

Steve Nichols PTIG: 

P25 Resources


Dom Arcuri, DVA

P25 Basics, Interfaces and Terminology


Jim Holthaus, RELM

Conventional System Configurations, Interoperability and best practices      


Karthik Rangarajan, EFJI

Trunking System Configurations, Interoperability, and best practices




Todd Perdieu, HARRIS

ISSI CSSI Roaming Multi system deployment best practices, LMR-LTE interoperability


Andy Davis, MOTOROLA

P25 Roaming and IDduplication, P25 Standards Update, P25 Future work in progress including Benefits to users, P25 Encryption status.  TIA lead-in to CAP


Sridhar Kowdley, DHS  OIC             

 P25 CAP testing update.


Cheryl Giggetts, AECOMM

Using the P25 Standards and Capabilities Guide to develop an RFP


Chris Lougee, 5x9

P25 Market and FAQs


Open Q&A session



P25 User Experience Panel

Del Smith, (Moderator)


Alaska ALMR

Stephen Nichols

P25 Resources available from PTIG

Project 25 Technology Interest Group

Jim Downes,


Chuck Brotherton,

Austin TX GATTRS system

Tom Bretthaur,

Richard Schmahl

Ohio MARCs

Scott Wright,

State of Connecticut



Jim Downes:

Federal Agencies, FPIC

Ernie Blair

Huntsville-Madison County AL 

Kevin Jenkins

Calhoun County AL

Open Q & A Session






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