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Monday, November 18, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

8 P25 PTIG Members Participate in Month-Long CAP Interoperability Event

Mission Critical Magazine published the announcement on May 1st in their "Weekly Transmission News"

A link to the full article is below:


Summary taken from the Mission Critical Article:

"Motorola contracted the CAP-recognized personnel from Compliance Testing to perform tests in its Motorola Schaumburg labs April 30 – June 1 and to create the detailed test reports (DTRs) that all participants will use to create their respective CAP documents, said Andy Davis, Motorola’s P25 standards manager."

"Motorola, JVCKENWOOD, Harris, EF Johnson, BK Technologies, Tait, Icom America and GME are confirmed to participate. Testing at the event includes P25 Phase 2 requirements and standards for the Common Air Interface (CAI), and the participants will test FDMA, TDMA and inter-wide-area communications network (WACN) functionality."





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