Project 25 Technology Information Group

Monday, November 18, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) recently participated in an IWCE WEBINAR titled:

Pick Me! What's the Best PTT Technology for Your Project?”

The PTIG portion of the panel presentation posed and answered the question:

“Why have so many PTT Users chosen Project 25?”


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In Summary:

  • Project 25 offers “Public Safety Grade” Reliability, Voice Quality, Interoperability, and Security for PTT radio services.
  • The 2250 P25 systems and 37 State-wide P25 systems in the USA have been developed through 25 years of Standards evolution and product technology improvements.
  • P25 offers a robust PTT capability set including: Group calls, Individual Calls, Voice, Data, Location, all with optional full AES end to end encryption and authentication. And a robust, high power, direct mode for life saving communication links if the Infrastructure is not available.
  • The P25 standard was originally defined and continues to evolve based on Radio User input and direction.
  • There is broad support for the use of P25 Standards and Technology for Interoperable Communications from: DHS, SAFECOM, NPSTC, DoD, and 40 P25 Commercial Product manufacturers and Service providers.

The full presentation can be downloaded using the link below:


Why Have so many PTT Users Chosen Project 25?







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