First Step to Membership is to merely sign in and register yourself on this, the PTIG website.  Your profile will be verified and you will be given further access to the members only sections within the site.   You can then individually tailor which items you choose to retrieve, and which specific member affiliations are most significant to you.  There are no fees required of this first step and registering on the website.

Add Your Voice to the Process:

Whether you’re a radio user, a public safety official, a government decision-maker, a manufacturer of communications equipment or a consultant in the field, Project 25 is part of your future. The more you understand it, and the more you participate in its development, the better the opportunity for P25 to work on your behalf.

People like you determine the future course of P25 and, in turn, the overall direction of public safety communications. The capabilities you need, the economic realities you face, the environment you work in, provides the ideas that are the foundation stones for building better standards. Through PTIG you can contribute to the further development and broader applications of the technology represented in P25 standards.

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) can make your voice heard, but only through membership and participation.