ACCESS TO THE LEADERS OF P25 - PTIG Membership gives direct access to the leading public safety professionals and equipment manufacturers involved in P25.  PTIG members have direct entry into the further development of the P25 standards, and can further the advancement, evolution, and effective use of technologies in current and future P25 systems and products.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING SPECIFIC TO P25 - PTIG Membership will direct you to educational and professional development resources, with access to industry meetings, seminars, trade shows, and new product information.  All of the PTIG member information is concentrated exclusively on Project 25; systems, equipment, standards, procurement, and operation.

LEARN FROM OTHERS - PTIG Membership can enable and stimulate a valuable forum of user experiences for learning and networking among peers. This gives you the opportunity to learn directly from other experiences that will impact your work and improve the safety of the communities you serve.

A document describing the many benefits of P25 features and services has been created by our PTIG membership.  Learn why PTIG recommends Project 25 as the foundation for your communications systems in support of critical system applications.   A link to the full document is below. 

Technology Benefits of Project 25