The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) publishes a New Whitepaper:

P25 Sharing = Cost Savings and Improved Interoperability

By: Dominick Arcuri, PE, PMP, ENP, SMC: Televate, LLC


The growth of Statewide and Region-wide P25 LMR networks has presented a new value proposition for many counties and municipal agencies. It is now often more cost effective to join the larger P25 Standards based system than to procure/support/maintain or upgrade an existing legacy radio solution. Potential cost saving opportunities include:

  • Sharing of infrastructure equipment (capital and recurring cost savings) Sharing of services (site/network connectivity, equipment provisioning, support services, encryption)
  • Bulk purchasing advantages, and
  • Competitive equipment purchases.

In addition to these benefits, adoption of P25 can also result in significant cost savings to an agency or to a group of regional partners. The P25 architecture offers a wide variety of ways and system levels to implement the technology as it is capable of scaling from simple single-site systems to large statewide and province-wide networks

Many agencies also receive significant operational benefits from shared P25 System use. Previous stand-alone systems are now directly linked to larger systems offering region-wide and state-wide radio coverage and roaming. The shared talkgroups used for shared system access now permit superior mutual aid for multiple agencies in response to natural disasters and large planned events.


The full Whitepaper can be downloaded using the link below:


 P25 Sharing Equals Cost Savings Whitepaper