Project 25 Testing: Products, Services, and Solutions


The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is proud to provide a comprehensive overview of the Project 25 testing products and services available from PTIG members. Thanks to Cheryl Giggetts and Jeremiah Knowles of CTA Consulting, the authors of this new whitepaper.

We have witnessed over 25 years of Project 25 Standards Evolution and P25 Product Technology Improvements in the 2800+ P25 Systems on the air today. Project 25 Technology is now well established as a primary communications solution for Government Agencies, Public Safety, and Critical Infrastructure.

The Testing of Project 25 Equipment and Networks has advanced along with the evolution of P25. Significant improvements in P25 product and network technology testing are now available to help users in the procurement, application, and maintenance of their P25 Systems.

A full range of P25 testing hardware and software products as well as laboratory services are described in the whitepaper. These resources form a rich fabric of support to help P25 users develop and operate their Mission Critical Communications Systems.

Topics Included in the Whitepaper Include:


  • Definition: What is P25 Compliance?
  • Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP)
  • P25 Network Interface Test Solutions and Software
  • P25 Test Equipment
  • P25 Diagnostic and Coverage Test Solutions
  • Over-the Air Radio Diagnostics
  • In-Building Coverage Testing
  • Outdoor Coverage Testing
  • P25 Consultant Support for System Testing and Maintenance
  • Conclusion
  • Resources and Contacts

A copy of the complete whitepaper can be down-loaded using the link below.


Project 25 Testing- Products, Services, and Solutions