P25 Latest New Products and Services for 2020


The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is pleased to offer a presentation of the latest P25 New Products and Services for 2020  from PTIG Members.


Find out What's New, How it will improve P25 Interoperability and How it will benefit Public Safety and other P25 Users Groups. 


Categories Include:

  • P25 Mobile and Portable Radios
  • P25 Repeaters and Aircraft Radios
  • P25 Consoles
  • P25 System Capabilities, Elements, and Antennas
  • P25 Testing and System Support Services
  • P25 Vocoder Software.

The Slides Include:

  • What is new about the Product or Service
  • How it improves Interoperabiloity
  • What are the benefits to Public Safety 

The full presentation can be downloaded using the link below


P25 New Products and Services for 2020