DHS CISA releases a New Project 25 Video:

“The Funding and the Future of P25”

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to offer a link to the latest P25 Video from DHS Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

“The Funding and the Future of P25” is an overview of the value and advantages of Project 25 (P25) as a long-term investment in a community’s public safety.

The video can be accessed using the link below:



DHS CISA Website Overview:

“Presented through interviews of emergency communications practitioners and managers nationwide, the six-minute video focuses on the features and comparative costs of P25 standards-based systems versus non-P25 systems, the practical value of P25 technology in public safety operations, and recommendations for funding P25. Looking ahead, the presenters discuss the current states of P25 and long-term evolution (LTE) broadband technology, emphasizing the durability, transmitting power, one-to-many communication, and emergency push-to-talk features of P25 radios. Their conclusion: P25 and LTE are not exclusive options but likely complimentary components of public safety communications in the future.”

Key Messages from the Video:

  • Project 25 is a great value for Public Safety.
  • A Multi-vendor market drives competition.
  • P25 Sharing = Cost Savings.
  • Grant Funding is available.
  • P25 LMR is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
  • P25 works when the network is down. Direct mode is important to public safety.
  • P25 “One to Many” PTT comms are essential to Users.
  • Agencies need to prioritize continued funding and development for P25 technology.