The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to publish a link to a recent Mission Critical Communications article “30 years of Project 25: Transcending Boundaries, Enabling Interoperability” 

The article was co authored by Jim Downes, P25 Steering Committee Chair and Stephen Nichols, PTIG Executive Director.

The full article can be downloaded using the link below:

30 Years of Project 25, Transcending Boundaries, Enabling Interoperability MCC August 2022

30 anniv cover

Federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies continue to embrace Project 25 (P25) as the de facto American National Standards Institute’s accredited technical standards for LMR communications interoperability. Thirty years ago, P25 began as a user requirements-driven standards development process and remains that way today. P25 has enabled nationwide holistic interoperability for mutual aid that led to preprogrammed channels, common infrastructure, flexible subscriber units (SUs) and talk- group naming conventions — forever changing the effectiveness of field response and operations for public-safety first responders.

The continuing objective of P25 is to provide critical communications capabilities while enabling comprehensive interoperability between public-safety responders to achieve enhanced coordination, timely response, and efficient and effective use of communications resources.

Today, P25 continues to transcend boundaries to enable comprehensive operability and interoperability for the public-safety community