The Latest P25 Trunking Systems list is now available from the Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG).

The last list was published in November of 2021. Since then there have been 148 new P25 Systems identified with 106 in the USA and 42 International.

The complete list can be reviewed and downloaded using the link below

 P25 Trunking Systems List February 2023

Thanks to Ken Brown for his continued updates on this database

  • The Overall system count is down (1183 to 1171) primarily due to consolidations with smaller stand-alone systems merging into larger regional and statewide systems
  • Migration continues from P25 Phase 1 to P25 Phase 2 Systems
  • Public Safety, Federal Agencies, and Military are the largest user groups
  • 700, 800 MHz, and Federal/Military UHF (380- 420 MHz) remain the primary P25 trunking frequency bands in use.

  Trunhking Users 2021Trunk freq bands feb 2023

Ph1 PH2 transition Feb 2023